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    With more than 25 super-duper-expert-speakers bringing you the best technical content and examples in 4 Tracks of sessions, it will be the event for everyone who wants to know how to use the new Web platforms, standards and tools to bring awesome creations to life – and be inspired by the ones who are already taking up on that challenge.

    • When

      Microsoft WebCamp will happen on the 2nd December, 2015. Yup: it’s right ahead!

    • Where

      It will once again take place in Microsoft Portugal, located in the beautiful city of Lisbon. (see here how to get there)

    • How Much?

      As cheap as you can imagine – or even lower. Registration for the WebCamp is *free*. As in 0€ - zero!


    Get your seat at the WebCamp!

    You’re up to it? To lead the way for the next generation of the Web? To use your skills – developer, designer, manager, creative, not-so-creative, (…) – to create world-class-awesome stuff for the Web, and to inspire everyone to follow you? And to learn from the best who are already doing that? Yep? Right here in Portugal? Go for it and get one of the free – and limited! – seats for Microsoft WebCamp!


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