Designing Web APIs on the ASP.NET platform

Creating a demo Web API, with a couple of resources that support the common HTTP methods and use custom JSON representations is now a rather easy task on the majority of frameworks. However, the real challenges of developing and evolving a production grade Web API are beyond those first steps. How do we design, produce and evolve the output representations? How do we document the Web API, namely what are the roles of description formats such as Swagger? How do we organize code into controllers, actions and other components? How do we evolve the API without breaking the clients, in order to cope with changing business needs? How do we control the accesses to the API, namely based on the identity of the requesters? How should errors be represented? These are some of the questions that Web API developers and architects commonly face and that we address in this session, based on what the Web architecture has to give us and on the new ASP.NET 5 framework.


17:20 - 18:00


Azure B




Pedro Félix

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